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Ly Hoanh Nghi: Rumor has it that Trieu Lo Tu, the cbiz young master is likened to Duong Duong

Uyển Đình17:02:17 21/02/2024
Ly Hoang Nghi emerged from the web series Evil Master Don't Kiss Me in 2017. Up to now, Ly Hoanh Nghi has participated in many diverse roles from historical to modern and has gradually won the hearts of many people. love from fans.

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How real is Zhao Luoxi's "ex-love" who was released living together, imprisoning his pregnant girlfriend?

An Nhi09:39:55 09/10/2023
Li Hengyi is known as a handsome god with a series of films that caused a fever on the Chinese screen. Recently, the guy was suddenly released evidence that he was living with his pregnant girlfriend but locked the door to prevent his girlfriend from going out.

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Trieu Lo Tu "sits on the same tray" as Rosé (BLACKPINK), her "old love" suddenly gets called out, what's going on?

Hoa Tuyết08:27:21 27/09/2023
I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but people just compared the time-traveling beauty to the Australian rose of the famous Kpop group. The results show that the two have many strange similarities.

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Xiao Chien held hands with Bai Luo's sister to act in the new film, Li Hengyi was also given a share

Nguyễn Tuyết08:04:33 27/08/2023
Some reports suggest that Xiao Chien is more likely to be paired with his sister Bai Lu in the new movie. In addition, NSX is also targeting Li Hengyi for the supporting male role of the project.

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Trieu Lo Tu - Cbiz's "Saint of Peach Blossoms": Every time he plays a movie, he is rumored to love his co-star

Hoàng Phúc15:59:32 14/04/2022
From the traffic star to the A-list star, they are all on the list of rumors of Trieu Lo Tu. Emerging from the nickname "the clone of Trieu Le Dinh", actress Trieu Lo Tu increasingly proves her charm and ability in a series of hit movies such as: Oh! My Emperor and His Majesty...

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Trieu Lo Tu dances around backstage "Tran Thien Thien in rumors"

Hậu Hậu17:56:08 14/09/2021
If anyone loves and follows Trieu Lo Tu's career journey, it is not difficult to see that the actress is known as one of the beauties dominating the current Cbiz web series, "Holy Maiden Through the Air" is loved. love with sweet, cute beauty. Recently, the funny...

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Trieu Lo Tu was tragically "dumped with visuals", far behind Quan Hieu Dong at the filming ceremony of the movie "Little Lane"

Duyên Trần18:20:36 13/09/2021
Trieu Lo Tu is one of the hottest young actresses after 95 today in the Chinese entertainment industry. Emerging from roles in the air, she was praised for her natural acting, lovely and likable appearance. After many hard days of filming, the special film project Ngoi Ngoi has...

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Ly Hoanh Nghi is likened to Kim Jung Hyun of the Chinese version because of his cold face with female co-stars at the event

Team Clip22:15:24 15/04/2021
The movie Empress Luu Hac Ban, adapted from the sub-work of the same name by the author, has just started filming. The two actors taking on the main roles are Lat Mu Yangtze and Ly Hoanh Nghi. However, the cold and unhappy attitude of actor Ly Hoanh Nghi became the focus of...

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