Lu Duc Understands Who It Is

Topic: Lu Duc Understands Who It Is

Bach Loc was crushed by Vu Chinh's new "pet chicken", her beauty is extremely sweet, causing sadness

Kim Lâm16:09:50 20/01/2024
At the present time, Bach Loc is the most expensive female star under Vu Chinh. However, recently, the appearance of a little flower born in 1999 with beautiful beauty made fans worry that Bach Loc would be overwhelmed.

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Lu Duc Hieu: Ngu Thu Han's "enemy" in Van Chi Vu, her outstanding beauty overshadows the female lead

Bình Minh16:56:45 26/10/2023
Luu Duc Hieu has an extremely beautiful appearance, suitable for traditional costumes, causing many female leads to be overshadowed when filming together. Recently, the little flower g.irl caused a stir when she appeared in the work Van Chi Vu.

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