Loi Con has a new hit "running the show", singing Son Tung's new song "more hot" than the original

Quỳnh QuỳnhJun 22, 2024 at 16:31

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Having caused a fever with the hit song Cut Sorrow in Half, Loi Con continues to make people excited by covering Son Tung's new song. With his characteristic "loud" voice, the b.oy's clip is being widely spread.

Currently, little Loi Con is experiencing and enjoying his days in Vietnam during a trip with Quang Linh Vlog. Receiving a lot of love from the audience, information and images related to Loi Con receive great attention from the online community.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 1

Most recently, Loi Con made people excited again when singing Son Tung's new song - Don't make my heart hurt. Appearing on an acquaintance's video, Loi Con happily hummed along to the melody of Son Tung's famous song.

As always, although his voice was a bit dull because he had not yet memorized the song, Loi Con's cuteness made viewers laugh. It can be seen that the Angolan b.oy is very passionate about Vietnamese music when he continuously sings h.ot songs. Many people predict that this will definitely be Loi Con's next million-view Vietnamese singing clip.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 2

Besides, people are also very excited to see if the clip will reach Son Tung or not? And if so, what will the male singer's reaction be when he hears Loi Con perform his hit song?

Remember before that, as soon as he arrived in Vietnam, Loi Con was warmly welcomed by many fans. The b.oy was given flowers, had photos taken, interacted and even "occupied the spotlight" of Quang Linh Vlogs, no less than A-list stars.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 3

Not only that, Loi Con "stormed" the online community with his stage performance "Cut Sorrow in Half" at a party. Although the lyrics were unclear, Loi Con's performance still received encouraging applause from those present for his confidence and grace when standing on stage. The clip of Loi Con's performance Cutting Sorrow in Half was also widely shared on social networks, attracting millions of views.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 4

Watching the African b.oy's performance of "Cut Your Sorrow in Half", the owner of the hit, Tang Duy Tan, also excitedly shared: "Thank you Loi Con for liking my song, I wish you and your brothers always. Be healthy and successful."

Besides the relationship with Thuy Tien, the uncle-niece pair Quang Linh Vlog and Loi Con are also loved by many netizens. Loi's real name is Mativado (5 years old), from Angola. This b.oy is the son of Matiloi - a member of the African team. B.aby Loi was adopted by Quang Linh Vlogs and brought in to live with him for convenient care.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 5

The everyday moments of the two uncles and nephews, when shared on social networks, receive a huge amount of interaction. Many times, netizens enjoyed the moments when Quang Linh Vlog and Loi Con livestreamed together. Quang Linh said that thanks to Loi Con, the views increased very high, so he continuously encouraged the b.oy to sing on livestream to retain viewers.

Under Quang Linh's "seduction", Loi Con sang a medley of Vietnamese children's songs such as: Mom, do you love me, Grandma,... extremely sophisticated. It is known that Quang Linh also regularly teaches Loi Con to learn Vietnamese, and today there was success. Many people were surprised by Loi Con's pronunciation because he sounded exactly like a Vietnamese b.oy.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 6

Quang Linh Vlogs shared that Loi Con is a "special gift" for him. The close relationship between the two uncles and nephews started when he visited people in Angola and met Loi Con and recorded a clip to share on his personal YouTube. At that time, Loi Con was about 2 years old.

"Who would have thought that the relationship between the two of us would start from there. From a stranger, I have now become an indispensable part of Loi Con's life and vice versa," Quang Linh share.

Loi Con has a new hit running the show, singing Son Tungs new song more h.ot than the original - Photo 7

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