Livestream Closing Orders

Topic: Livestream Closing Orders

Chu Thanh Huyen was called "cool" while live, and her response left netizens speechless

Phi Yến07:43:11 23/04/2024
Having a husband who is a famous player, Chu Thanh Huyen became one of the hottest Wags in the football industry but also had many controversies. Recently, she often gets comments from fans about livestreaming too much.

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1st runner-up Miss Grand - Engfa shocked when he posted a sensitive clip on MXH: Mr. Nawat also had a headache?

N.P10:22:54 04/11/2022
The first activities of the top 10 Miss Grand this year have not been controversial, but Engfa continues to make many people fall back when sharing on social networks an extremely sensitive video. Recently, beauty fans couldn't help but gossip when 1st runner-up Miss Grand...

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