Le Hoang Phuong Was Given Money

Topic: Le Hoang Phuong Was Given Money

Le Hoang Phuong returned to Vietnam after half a month of "bombardment" of Thai land, fans gave him flowers and m.oney to celebrate "coming home"

Nguyễn Kim11:11:31 21/11/2023
Recently, Le Hoang Phuong had a successful business trip to Thailand with the top 10 MGI 2023. Recently, the queen landed in Vietnam in a warm welcome from her fans, receiving many gifts. specially prepared by fans.

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Le Hoang Phuong was shocked when Thai fans gave a bundle of tens of millions of m.oney, welcomed like a superstar

Phúc Sen13:19:11 04/11/2023
Miss Le Hoang Phuong was surprised when she arrived at the airport in Thailand, she was surrounded by fans, calling her name warmly. And yet, the queen was also given a large bouquet of flowers by big fans bound with m.oney, the number is predicted to be up to tens of millions.

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