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The Story of a Rose reveals the ending of the movie: Hoang Chan Hoa gets married, the female lead suffers the most

Bút Máy16:13:13 17/06/2024
In recent days, the movie The Story of the Rose starring Liu Yifei has caused a stir in the online community. In addition to the inspirational content, excellent acting and outstanding beauty of Liu Yifei, the film also attracts attention because of its rather surprising ending.

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Ngu Thu Han 'fell in love' with Lam Nhat in the new movie, a series of emotional scenes is about to air

Pinky17:13:57 27/12/2023
Actress Ngu Thu Han and her junior Lam Nhat are about to take the Chinese film industry by storm with a new project called Shhh, the king is hibernating. The series of emotional scenes promises to make fans restless.

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Lam Nhat: The male god of youth caused a fever with his enormous height, one of Liu Yifei's "lover"

Cát Cát14:32:28 09/12/2023
Recently, Lam Nhat is a popular name on Chinese screens. The actor is known as a handsome handsome man, standing out with his handsome appearance and impressive height.

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Vuong Hac De was "caught" going back and forth with Bach Loc during an action, netizens couldn't sit still.

Gia Linh13:22:40 22/10/2023
No longer hiding it, Vuong Hac De was recently caught by netizens being in love with senior Bach Loc, making fans of both families excited. Even though he didn't speak up, the day of returning home is not far away.

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Trieu Lo Tu was ridiculed for "not having enough strength to carry two from the top", fans could only remain speechless for this reason!

Gia Linh15:15:50 02/10/2023
Participating in the top beauties of the Chinese language, Trieu Lo Tu's status in the film world is not as top as many viewers think. The recent incident once again confirms that Lo Tu still seems to be too immature with the word top stream.

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Zhao Lu Tu should be charmed with the "movie god" in the new film, angry fans demand justice for Deng Vi

Bình Minh17:16:15 10/08/2023
The online community was abuzz with the news that Zhao Lu Tu was about to cooperate with the movie god and the male beauty of Xiangtu School - Dang Vi in the historical project Pearl Chau Sa Curtain.

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Angelababy dating 10-year-old "young pilot" after divorce Huynh Xiao Minh, r.evealing incontrovertible evidence?

Hoàng Phúc09:44:11 26/11/2022
The news that Angela B.aby dated a young actor 10 years younger than her after the divorce shocked Chinese netizens. Many viewers also discovered that the young pilot repeatedly expressed his admiration for the seniors. He even used Angela B.aby s picture as a social media cover...

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Vuong Hac Di, Truong Lang Ha and male stars are expected to replace Ly Dich Phong, Ngo Yi Fan

Hoàng Phúc17:16:22 19/09/2022
The fact that the most famous 8X male stars were caught in a scandal caused the Chinese showbiz to lack young actors to take on the main roles. However, this is also an opportunity for 9X young stars to rise to A-list stars, occupying the resources left by their seniors...

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S.hock: Chau Kiet Luan joins the recruitment line with Ly Dich Phong?

Thư Kỳ09:23:57 12/09/2022
The story of recruiting concubines, the relationship of many people despite Ly Dich Phong's men and women has not subsided, recently it was reported that "Pop King" Chau Kiet Luan was involved in the recruitment of a concubine. In the past few days, perhaps Ly Dich Phong is a...

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Luu Ngoc Nuong - The most stingy and greedy queen in China, at the end of her life, she died with two empty hands

Hoàng Phúc17:25:18 06/06/2022
With a poor background, Luu Ngoc Nuong became a powerful Chinese queen but still kept her greedy and money-loving nature. This queen tried to force her courtiers to pay tribute to her, "suck b.lood" from the people without any tricks. The Queen "beautiful - ugly" Luu Ngoc Nuong...

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Angela B.aby was "captured" by a photo dating 10-year-old junior Lam Nhat after 3 months of divorce?

An Nhi11:44:24 22/04/2022
Netizens are constantly stirring up at the news that Angela B.aby has a new love after the breakup of her marriage with Huynh Xiaoming. After 7 years together, Angela B.aby and Huynh Xiaoming officially confirmed their divorce on January 28, 2022. For a long time, in the...

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Duong Duong reunites with Dich Le Nhiet Ba in the project of the adaptation of Hard To Do?

An Nhi13:58:41 16/04/2022
Many people can't help but be excited by the news that Duong Duong and Dich Le Nhiet Ba continue to be charming in a new work. Since co-starring You Are My Pride, Duong Duong and Dilraba have become one of the most beautiful couples on the Chinese screen. Recently, there was...

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Lam Nhat - Tu Lo: The pair of beautiful sisters despite being in Luong Than My Beautiful Scenes Good Times

team youtuber16:52:25 13/04/2021
The drama Luong Than My Beautiful Scenes Good Times by Lam Nhat and Tu Lo took on the main male and female roles. broadcast and received a lot of attention from the audience. Up to now, Lam Nhat has more than five million followers and Tu Lo has more than ten million followers on Weibo

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Image Phi - Situ Mo of "Send Our Warm Youth" was stalked by strangers at home

team youtube22:09:56 10/04/2021
Sina reported that Image Phi - actor of the film Send our warm youth - was attacked by two people Unknown men watched for days. Image Phi also recounted the incident through his personal page. Image Phi recounted the incident: My driver discovered it. Two strange men drive down to the basement of

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