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Miss Supranational 2022 was accused of irresponsibility, suspected of "faking" BTC, runner-up Miss Charm offended Vietnamese fans

Thảo Mai17:17:46 06/07/2023
Miss Supranational has gone half way and is close to the final day, but the reigning Miss Lalela Mswane is still absent. The organizers of the contest had to explain her schedule to beauty fans.

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Lalela - Miss Supranational 2022 will be "deposed", Thailand is crowned, the reason behind causing outrage

N.P07:57:34 12/12/2022
The information that Miss Supranational 2022 - Lalela Mswane will be stripped of the crown and will be replaced by the Thai representative has recently caused a stir on social media. The cause of the rumor, after being revealed, made many international fans angry. Recently, a...

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Lalela Mswane is getting more and more hate: Going to charity wearing clothes late, 'tit for tat', Vietnamese people

Nắng13:43:22 06/12/2022
Recently, Miss Supranational 2022 (Miss Supranational) - Lalela Mswane visited Vietnam and participated in many outstanding activities. Most especially, the beauty had the opportunity to make a volunteer trip to Loc Tan (Bao Lam, Lam Dong) to volunteer with her friend Kim Duyen...

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Lalela Mswane - MS 2022 was bewildered when her name was introduced in Vietnam, the expression made fans "laugh"

Mộc16:42:45 03/12/2022
A large number of fans were present here to welcome the South African beauty to Vietnam for the first time. The incident made Miss Supranational 2022 - Lalela Mswane - "stagnant", had to ask for support from Kim Duyen. Recently, the social network appeared a clip related to Miss...

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Louis Nguyen caused a fever when he joined Miss Supranational, the standard male god of her husband Tang Thanh Ha

Mộc17:04:41 02/12/2022
The moment Louis Nguyen presented the a.ward and took a photo with Lalela Mswane received a lot of attention on TikTok. Recently, the moment businessman husband Tang Thanh Ha awarded and took pictures with Lalela Mswane attracted much attention. Recently on social networks...

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Lalela Mswane - MS 2022 competes with Kim Duyen on the catwalk, exploding "visual" in Vietnam

Mộc11:43:52 01/12/2022
Miss Supranational 2022 Lalela Mswane was surrounded by hundreds of fans when she arrived in Ho Chi Minh City recently. Fans constantly praised the two beauties who came out of the MS 2022 contest, Lalela Mswane and Kim Duyen when the couple had the opportunity to reunite in...

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Lalela Mswane - Unique beauty and her journey to become Miss Supranational despite being estranged from her home country

Nắng16:22:34 29/11/2022
During the finale of Miss Supranational 2022 which took place in Poland on the morning of 16/7 Vietnam time, South African beauty Lalela Mswane was crowned the highest. Tan Miss is a familiar face, having won the title of 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe 2021 (the pageant held in...

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Lalela Mswane "Miss Supranational 2022" suddenly arrived in Vietnam, fans "surrounded" to meet at the airport

10:55:36 29/11/2022
On the evening of 29/11, a large number of fans were present at Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City). HCM) welcomes Lalela Mswane. When Vietnamese representative Phuong Anh arrived in Japan, the reigning Miss Supranational appeared at the airport soon after. This rare...

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