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The Unknown Channel was officially "blown away", a series of artists and tiktokers were victims

Pinky09:02:28 04/07/2024
Social network users are extremely excited by the information that an anonymous Tiktok channel called Unknown, which owns more than 1.2 million followers, has just been officially blown away. This is a tiktok channel that is considered the terror of artists and tiktokers.

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Not knowing the clip to publicize his real identity, people were surprised, who is that person?

Thiên Di09:01:22 02/07/2024
On the tiktok platform, Not biết_01 is a channel that attracts a large number of followers, interacts with great interaction with content that examines the private lives of celebrities. However, until now, no one knows who the force behind this tiktok channel is.

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Hung Didu wearing a cosplay mask Didn't know, "causing" scandal about Phanh Ne's girlfriend?

Đức Trí07:17:05 29/06/2024
In the midst of the Phanh Ne girlfriend drama, an anonymous Tiktok channel with hundreds of thousands of followers accused Hung Didu of unverified stories, then netizens dug up a clip of him livestreaming wearing a mask, suspecting he was intentionally flirting.

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Hoang Lan Anh jumped off the roof after being exposed and was immediately turned on by antis

Phúc Sen17:14:56 21/03/2024
Tiktoker Hoang Lan Anh just made a super harsh move. When an anti-fan attacked her amid the noise, she was scandalized. Thinking that she is causing more and more unpopularity, throwing her hat in the ring even though she cried and begged before, is no different from acting.

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