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The former NCT member returned with a documentary, netizens still actively boycotted it

Phi Đức15:31:11 25/02/2024
On the evening of February 24, Lucas (former member of NCT/WayV) officially returned after the scandal with a documentary called Freeze. In recent days, Kpop fans have been buzzing about a series of moves by SM to prepare a solo debut for male idols involved in scandals.

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Bach Loc - Truong Lang Hach "marked their sovereignty" amid rumors of separation

Phương Thảo11:09:08 22/02/2024
Bach Loc and Truong Lang Hach were constantly entangled in rumors of breaking up in real life. The two once worked together in a movie and have been in love ever since. Up to now, the couple has been exposed to extremely r.evealing hints, dispelling rumors of separation.

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Angelababy 2 hands offered huge resources to Bai Loc, "pet chicken" Yu Zheng ascended the throne

Tuyết Ngọc09:03:22 05/02/2024
Angelababy was almost empty-handed after the Lisa show, which used to be the darling of many famous brands and hit TV shows, but now those resources are in the hands of others.

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Angela B.aby was accused of bullying and being rude to her juniors, making it difficult for her to return after being m.urdered?

Hoàng Phúc15:12:31 24/01/2024
After the noise of attending Lisa's (Black Pink) show at C.razy Horse nightclub in Paris, Angela B.aby recently faced new trouble when the show's close crew accused her of having an attitude towards her juniors.

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Angelababy was once again hurt miserably by YG's "house chicken" when she was named in G-Dragon's allegations of using banned substances.

Gia Linh14:41:45 27/10/2023
After the noisy support of Lisa's (BLACKPINK) concert at C.razy Horse, Angelababy has not really regained its foothold at home. Recently, the female star was suddenly exposed surrounding G-Dragon's prosecution.

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Angelababy asked for help from Huynh Xiaoming when she encountered a problem, the actor's reaction made netizens terrified

Juni Nguyễn15:51:54 21/10/2023
Facing the risk of flying color because of leaked images that Angelababy went to Paris to watch Lisa's C.razy Horse show, the beauty born in 1989 began to worry, making new moves.

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AngelaBaby was defeated, Bach Loc was called out when he was the one who unexpectedly enjoyed "fragrant goodies"!

Nhật Hân11:13:23 15/10/2023
Although they are among the famous beauties of the country with billions of people, the careers of AngelaBaby and Bach Loc are in contrast to each other. While the seniors are paying a high price, Bach Loc is progressing very smoothly.

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AngelaBaby was "wrongfully washed" by C.razy Horse 2 times denying supporting Lisa, the beauty who responded?

Gia Hoàng16:12:32 05/10/2023
In danger of losing everything because of the question of Lisa's concert in France. Now exonerated, AngelaBaby's move is most interested in netizens.

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Chau Tinh Tri's daughter became a "sandbag" for Lisa's fans to vent their anger, netizens: "Inferiority from idol to fan"

Bảo Tiên09:59:40 02/10/2023
Tu Kieu is a rare actress who criticized Lisa for her participation in a striptease show in France. Her personal page is filled with rude comments from Lisa's fans.

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Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De are intimate in a crowded place, predicting that the day to return home is not far away

Hướng Dương11:23:36 28/07/2023
Recently, Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De caused a fever in the online community because of the couple's sweet gestures for each other in a crowded place. Many fans are excited to predict that the date of the two actors' return home is not far away.

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Thai Tu Khon acted offensively on stage, shocking Tran Lap Nong, fans: 'I thought it was good'

Yang Mi14:27:19 08/07/2023
The love scandal that made others pregnant and f.orced abortion of Thai Tu Khon has not yet subsided, but recently, a series of objectionable actions of the male idol while in the group of Nine Percent once again caused fierce controversy.

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S.HOCK: Thai Tu Khon was released a "rainy cloud" photo, drugged a 2k5 fan g.irl to go to bed like Ngo Diep Pham

Juni Nguyễn13:06:04 03/07/2023
After explaining that she had been single for the past 2 years and being revealed to have a love relationship with a hardcore fan when the g.irl was only 14 years old, netizens were shocked. Recently, a series of photos of rain clouds and disgusting tricks with 2k5 girls.

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Thai Tu Khon was accused of recruiting a concubine again, the victim is a hard fan born in 2k5, saying that abortion is voluntary

Ning Jing11:50:50 03/07/2023
Before a series of emotional scandals of Thai Tu Khon were revealed, recently, Chinese bloggers continued to release more shocking information about the popular male idol of Cbiz.

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Thai Tu Khon was locked up, hiding and hiding after being exposed to abusing minors?

Thư Kỳ15:39:00 02/07/2023
Facing a series of accusations from former victim girls or bloggers, Thai Tu Khong's side has yet to give any response. That's why, recently, brands and television stations have quietly entreated male idols.

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Thai Tu Khon was cursed with thick face, still leisurely held a concert despite being accused of promiscuity and f.orced abortion

Yaya15:15:16 29/06/2023
Despite being in the face of a big scandal, recently, Chinese-language media said that Thai Tu Khon was still leisurely as if nothing had happened and held a concert in Singapore as scheduled despite the ongoing scandal.

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Thai Tu Khon was again accused of catching fish with many hands, escaping from China so that his mother could be arrested after forcing his girlfriend to abort the pregnancy?

Juni Nguyễn11:06:14 27/06/2023
Not only stopped having a one-night stand with g.irl C and then f.orced her to abort, but recently, the stories surrounding the male idol's love scandal have made everyone more confused.

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S.HOCK: Thai Tu Khon was 'exposed' for abusing the daughter of a good family to get pregnant and then f.orced to abort

Thư Kỳ11:36:07 26/06/2023
Not only Taiwanese artists are sitting on the fire because of the wave of Me Too, recently in the country of billions of people, the leader of the Nine Percent group - Thai Tu Khon was put on the cutting board because of his behavior contrary to morality and law. .

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Lucas (NCT): Recruited by SM just because of his beautiful face, the scandal of "tra male" shocked his teammates.

M.A19:29:24 15/06/2023
Lucas is wholeheartedly promoted and supported by SM with many activities. However, he was disappointed because of a private life scandal that disappointed many people. The male idol's scandal is also related to the NCT group.

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Angelababy was exposed to the 'worst in history' appearance, Huynh Xiaoming did not recognize his ex-wife

Nắng10:32:44 24/08/2022
Dubbed the talented Little Flower of the Chinese screen, Angelababy, also known as Duong Dinh is an extremely famous A-list star, with an impressive fashion and beauty style, Angelababy gradually conquers people. fans with her own ability, however, revolving around the hybrid...

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Angelababy is estranged from colleagues after divorce Huynh Xiaoming?

Yang Mi14:58:46 26/04/2022
Once the "b.aby" of the Chinese version of "Running Man", now his ex-wife Huynh Xiaoming is despised by her colleagues. Recently, new images were recorded by Reuters of "Running Man". A long-standing variety show with national popularity, the show has prospered over the years...

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Huynh Xiaoming will 'cool the three stars', 'run away and fly' when he sees Angelababy's 18-year-old photo

Yang Mi10:11:17 06/01/2022
Some photos taken at the age of 18 in Japan of Angelababy have just been leaked. With this series of photos, many people believe that Angelababy of the present and the past as two completely different people. In the Chinese entertainment industry, Angelababy is a very familiar...

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Angela B.aby was beaten so badly by Huynh Xiaoming that she was hospitalized, but each person was in a different place?

youtuber16:00:07 17/06/2021
However, after this information was shared, Sohu page itself re-analyzed the situation. Recently, the Sohu page on June 15 reported that the whole cbiz was shocked, continuing to prolong the profile of Huynh Xiaoming and Angela B.aby's drama. The source said that B.aby was beaten and brutally abused by her husband to the point of being hospitalized

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Hua Khai was "hurtly scolded" by Truong Triet Han's fan when he removed the bubble from his senior's head

team youtuber16:45:00 01/06/2021
This attitude of fan Truong Triet Han makes the public extremely confused, Hua Khai helps Truong Triet Han to straighten her hair, both of them are of the same s.ex and do not act excessively, why did it become behavior? trouble" Truong Triet Han became a star that was sought...

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Tong Vu Ky posted a clip about Angelababy after being said to have a shady relationship with the director of Keep Running

team youtuber14:26:11 30/05/2021
Recently, inside the national program in China - Keep Running, there was a battle between the artist and the production team. It all started from a game in the show, when Tong Vu Ky faced with Angelababy, he directly whipped a mud pillow into his senior's face. Seeing this...

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