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Lee Kwang Soo revealed evidence of being cold towards his girlfriend, netizens' suspicions were "exposed"

Vân Anh07:42:08 12/01/2024
As a couple receiving a lot of special attention from both domestic and international audiences, Lee Kwang Soo's move of unliking a series of girlfriend photos made many fans worried about the current relationship status of the two.

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Song Hye Kyo officially reacts to rumors of dating Lee Min Ho, is there no way for her juniors?

Bảo Nam13:27:31 27/11/2023
For some reason, Song Hye Kyo constantly receives baseless dating rumors. However, she still showed little interest in this matter, ignoring her junior Lee Min Ho.

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Song Joong Ki lost painfully to his "old lover" Song Hye Kyo, a big sister emotionally said goodbye to the Blue Dragon

Bảo Nam07:48:07 25/11/2023
The 44th Blue Dragon Awards was held at KBS Hall in Yeouido (South Korea) on the afternoon of November 24. This is also known as one of the most prestigious film awards in Kim Chi.

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Jo In Sung is about to marry his girlfriend from outside the industry, whose beauty is like a star, the owner spoke up clearly

Uyển Đình15:33:11 15/09/2023
The news that actor Jo In Sung is secretly preparing to get married is making netizens restless. As a famous single gentleman in the Korean entertainment industry, the audience also wants the actor to have a happy home.

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Song Hye Kyo "abandoned" Song Joong Ki, whose name was called when "ex-love" Jo In Sung returned, what is the attitude?

Ngọc Sa11:44:01 16/08/2023
Recently, Song Hye Kyo continued to be named when her former love reappeared on screen. With the participation of a famous cast, and outstanding script quality - the movie Moving is currently receiving the love of a large number of audiences across Asia.

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Song Hye Kyo was "crushed by her head" by Song Joong Ki to visit her boyfriend?

Hoàng Phúc11:49:14 15/08/2023
The recent moves of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki make the public think that the once-golden couple is having a battle on the media front. Recently, the fact that her ex-husband surpassed the actress surnamed Song caused a lot of controversy.

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Park Sung Hoon fell in love with Song Hye Kyo, his loving eyes said it all, Lee Min Ho was left out?

JLO15:17:24 24/07/2023
Although the 2023 Blue Dragon Awards ceremony has been closed for a few days, the information related to the awards night and especially Song Hye Kyo is still enthusiastically welcomed by the audience.

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Song Hye Kyo revealed wedding photos of Huynh Xiaoming, fans demanded cooperation, best friend Song Joong Ki appeared to break the wedding?

Hoàng Phúc07:38:35 19/06/2023
Recently, the keyword Huynh Xiaoming and Song Hye Kyo once played a couple that climbed to the Top 1 h.ot search (search trend) of the Weibo platform with nearly 40 million reads in a day.

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Revealing a photo of Song Hye Kyo dating a male god who was once in love with Son Ye Jin, Song Seung Hun - Lee Min Ho lost his turn?

Hoàng Phúc07:21:38 07/06/2023
On social networks, the romantic images of actress Song Hye Kyo and A-list beauty - Jo In Sung in the movie The East Wind That Year were suddenly shared again, attracting attention. After more than 25 years of entering the entertainment industry, the name Song Hye Kyo has never...

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Song Joong Ki stopped playing with close friends because of his new foreign wife, Song Hye Kyo was ignored by Lee Min Ho?

Hoàng Phúc06:53:58 11/02/2023
Information that Song Joong Ki married a foreign girlfriend - Katie Louise Saunders after a period of dating is attracting great attention from the public around the world. Along with that, the side news related to the two was also enthusiastically "digged" by netizens. Worth...

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Lee Sang Yoon - Korean national husband: Great IQ adds a golden personality but U50 is still single

Hoàng Phúc11:58:30 30/01/2023
Dubbed the "National Husband" - the man every g.irl wants to be with for the rest of his life, but at the age of 42, Lee Sang Yoon has yet to find himself a perfect "pink shadow" after his love affairs. unfinished. Not possessing a "ten thousand people" appearance like Jung Woo...

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Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin r.eveal their dating photos for the first time, gestures r.eveal their current status

An Nhi13:37:06 21/07/2022
The actor couple Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin are loved by many people. The two were very secretive during their 4 years of dating and rarely appeared in front of the media. Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin have always been a couple that fans and colleagues wholeheartedly support...

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Song Joong Ki and his admirable friendship with a star, closer than family

An Nhi22:19:37 09/07/2022
Until now, the close relationship between Song Joong Ki and this character has always been rated by the Korean media as the most beautiful relationship in Korean showbiz, extremely admirable. In the middle of a showbiz place full of marketing, it's hard to get a real friendship...

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Song Hye Kyo was "rejected" by a famous actor, who also "matched" for Song Joong Ki

Hoàng Phúc22:06:07 09/07/2022
Descendants of the Sun is one of the classic Korean dramas in the last 10 years. It's so popular, but there have been many A-class male gods who rejected this work. Jo In Sung is one of those who turned down the opportunity to play Captain Yoo next to the famous beauty Song Hye...

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Song Hye Kyo was flatly refused by 5 famous men to act together

Hou00e0ng Anh16:09:45 12/06/2022
Song Hye Kyo is a famous Korean beauty, many people want to work together, but she was once denied the opportunity by a series of famous actors to match on screen, making the audience not only not regret regret, but also feel that the choices of these male stars are extremely...

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Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and Kbiz's best actors, but they still haven't escaped "evil"

An Nhi12:16:43 13/05/2022
While friends and colleagues all flocked to the flower car, these great men of showbiz were still "as calm as a jar". Once one of the characters of Kbiz's "golden single actor association", but now Hyun Bin has officially become "a man's husband". The actor even successfully...

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Gong Hyo Jin just took a photo of Son Ye Jin's wedding flowers and immediately revealed her boyfriend 10 years younger, still going to the same house?

An Nhi18:19:17 01/04/2022
Netizens are confused by the news that Gong Hyo Jin will marry her boyfriend 10 years younger right after receiving Son Ye Jin's wedding flowers. At the wedding of the century of golden couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, netizens were extremely excited at the information about the...

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Kim Woo Bin went to a show after cancer treatment for the first time, dressed up well but was tricked by his close friends?

Duyên Trần13:06:47 19/02/2022
In Korean showbiz, no one is unaware that the powerful close friends of "giraffe" Lee Kwang Soo include Cha Tae Hyun, Bae Sung Woo, Jo In Sung, Kim Ki Bang, Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum, DO (EXO) and Kim Woo Bin. These are all "big-eared" characters who have great influence on the...

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Song Hye Kyo was released wedding photos with "young love" 11 years younger, what is the truth?

Rosé08:56:14 05/01/2022
The two's special photo made people feverish. "Now Were Breaking Up" is a project that marks Song Hye Kyo's return to the small screen after a long absence, collaborating with handsome Jang Ki Yong. Despite the big age difference, the "chemical reaction" of the beauties of Song...

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Song Hye Kyo was "captured" by Dispatch for dating her ex-husband's best friend in the middle of the night, what's going on?

An Nhi23:11:54 04/01/2022
Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung were suddenly caught up in dating rumors that caused a stir in social networks. Dispatch's "specialty" is the "captured" photos of stars secretly dating each other. These photos are mostly blurred due to sneaking, but have the power to make social...

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Song Hye Kyo openly follows Jang Ki Yong on social networks, which has never been done with Song Joong Ki

An Nhi18:14:56 14/12/2021
Song Hye Kyo's latest move has made netizens even more confused about the relationship between the actress and "pilot" Jang Ki Yong. The movie Now We Are Breaking Up received special attention from fans because it marked Song Hye Kyo's return to the small screen after nearly 3...

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Song Joong Ki's first move after receiving bad news had to temporarily stop working

Duyên Trần09:46:03 03/12/2021
On November 28, Song Joong Ki had to receive the bad news that his beloved grandmother had passed away. Immediately, he stopped all schedules and went with his family to the funeral home to prepare to see her off. The agency also announced that Song Joong Ki was shocked and...

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Song Hye Kyo 9 times got "curse" of fake love movies, suspected of having "cuckold" Song Joong Ki

Duyên Trần09:13:38 02/12/2021
Since joining showbiz so far, Song Hye Kyo has been entangled in love rumors with a series of famous actors. Almost every movie, Song Hye Kyo is caught in rumors of dating a co-star, among them there are 3 people who really "fake love" with her and even become a couple. However...

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Kim Min Hee - The most brazen l.ittle g.irl in Kbiz broke up with the old director after many years of stealing people's husbands

Hà Hà12:56:27 10/10/2021
Kim Min Hee used to be one of the most successful movie actresses of the Korean screen. However, she became the object of vehement boycott by the mass audience after having an affair with over 22-year-old director Hong Sang Soo. At the time of falling in love with Kim Min Hee...

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