Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and 'hot-faced' spoke up in advance

Phúc SenMay 27, 2024 at 09:17

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Female YouTuber Jenny Huynh recently encountered a "trouble" when anti-fans cut and collaged her pictures, falsely rumored that she kept sensitive toys in her private room. Annoyed by this behavior, Jenny Huynh immediately released corrective evidence.

Recently, on May 25, an image spread on social networks that was believed to be a screenshot from Jenny Huynh's story caused a stir when many people noticed the appearance of a sensitive object placed on the table shelf. Jenny Huynh immediately spoke up, she confirmed that the photo being spread was a collage, completely false. The statement was officially posted on the fanpage with more than 2.5 million followers.

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 1

Jenny Huynh wrote: "Hello everyone! Today (May 25) there was a photo circulating on social media that my story (uploaded on May 23 and disappeared after 24 hours) was completely edited with The negative content has affected me. I would like to 100% correct that it is not a real photo and I have included the live feature video in the comment and the original photo in the post."

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 2

She attached the original image and left a video recording the moment the photo was taken in the comments. In both attached files, there are no strange objects like the viral cap story photo. In less than 5 minutes, there were more than 3K interactions under Jenny Huynh's post. Netizens also criticized those involved in spreading false information.

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 3

It is known that since the screenshot with the cut image appeared, Jenny Huynh has been subjected to countless rude jokes from a part of netizens. Some people even immediately condemned Jenny for r.evealing inappropriate images while the majority of her followers were young children.

Jenny Huynh's quick and complete speaking up not only made her escape the wave of unprovoked attacks, but also made people following the story realize one thing: Whatever you see or listen to online, you need to be alert to verify it!

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 4

Not only is the ongoing story seriously affecting Jenny Huynh, recently on social networks there has also been continuous false information appearing, "manipulating" netizens' psychology, resulting in them having to "turn around" in the past. disappointment and confusion.

Verifying information before spreading negative rumors is extremely necessary. Don't push unreal things too far because of likes, shares, and "pants" on virtual networks, affecting someone's real life.

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 5

Jenny Huynh's real name is Huynh Viet Hoang Vy, born in 2005. She is a Youtuber and TikToker who regularly shares content about life and learning that is followed by many people. Currently, Jenny Huynh is living and studying in America. She is a student at Stanford University.

Sharing about the process of starting a business and becoming a million-view YouTuber, Jenny Huynh said: "The idea of making YouTube has been around since I was 12 years old. At that time, Jenny saw that foreign girls made slime so well that she decided to Create a channel about slime to follow."

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 6

In 2023, Jenny Huynh achieved "unbelievable" milestones at the age of 18: As a young YouTuber, she reached more than 3.5 million followers on YouTube and "reached" 1 billion views in July 2023, with more than 6.6 million followers on TikTok, other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook also reach millions, even owning their own fan club with more than 380k members. These are truly numbers that speak to the "formidableness" of a typical "family member" Gen Z.

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 7

Not only that, Jenny Huynh also made her followers proud when she received notice of direct admission to Stanford University (USA) - the school ranked 3rd in the list of the best universities in the world this school year. 2022 - 2023 according to US News & World Report. When she "teared" the acceptance letter, she burst into tears right on the video. This moment became viral quickly!

Jenny Huynh was rumored to have kept sensitive items in her room, and hot-faced spoke up in advance - Photo 8

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