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Phuong My Chi as CEO is still innocent, Huyen Tran (Tinh That Bong Lai) becomes a sad fate

Tiểu Yến Tử11:06:53 25/02/2023
Not only famous for her beautiful voice, Phuong My Chi has also received a lot of attention from the online community in the past time as a TikTok-er with creative singing and dancing content on this platform. Recently, singer and "comedian" Phuong My Chi has just posted on her...

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Huyen Tran - Quang Le's adopted son at Tinh That Bong Lai was revealed to have a shocking background

Nắng08:08:14 27/05/2022
The Voice Kids 2014 runner-up was soon known to many domestic audiences and artists. In particular, singer Quang Le, when he adopted Huyen Tran, supported the 10X g.irl on the path of singing and studying culture with the best ability possible. However, only 2 years later, Huyen...

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