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Ton Le and Thai Thieu Phan "do not agree" in the movie, what is their relationship like in real life?

Thanh Thanh06:35:37 20/11/2023
The success of Chan Hoan Truyen's Harem helped Ton Le become an A-list star and Thai Thieu Phan successfully developed on the mainland. In the movie, the two are sworn enemies, so their real-life relationship caught the attention of netizens.

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Thermal Y Trat: The Xinjiang beauty was depressed because of being taken advantage of by her boyfriend and the pressure of being a single mother

Kim Lâm16:10:30 17/11/2023
Compared to the gentle and sweet beauty of other Xinjiang beauties, Thermal Y Trat has a unique, generous but no less seductive beauty. In addition, the acting of this Xinjiang beauty also impressed and received the love of the audience.

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Truong Hieu Long: Being called teacher by Ton Le, special relationship with a female star in Chan Hoan

Đào Thị14:03:46 15/11/2023
Truong Hieu Long attracted the attention of the audience for his role as Doctor Wen in The Imperial Palace of Chan Hoan Truyen. Besides, he is also known as a choreographer and ritual choreographer for Ton Le and many actors in the film.

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Ton Tay "Hare Chan Hoan Story" suspected of being abused by her husband, r.evealing the truth of the dream marriage?

N.P15:07:44 27/09/2022
Having been romantically proposed and having a dream marriage, however, the Chinese social network is currently being stirred up by the news that actress Ton Tay was abused by her husband. Recently, the Chinese social network was agitated by the information that the female star...

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Liu Yifei, Guan Xiaodong are as beautiful as flowers, but their clothes are indescribably ugly

Yang Mi16:25:49 12/04/2022
Female stars in the entertainment industry are always pure and beautiful in the eyes of many people, but they lose points by their "catastrophic" style. In movies and TV shows, female stars always make many people admire by their beautiful taste in dressing from modern to...

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Thai Thieu Fen: Beauty sells her b.ody to pay her mother's debt and a huge fortune that can't be used up for a lifetime

Yang Mi16:16:38 09/03/2022
From participating in a beauty contest according to her mother's wishes, working for a living and selling to d.eath or culminating in a rich relationship just for the sake of earning m.oney to repay a mother who is passionate about g.ambling now Former Chinese TVB Thai Thieu Phan...

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Chiang Xin, a beauty with a personal feud with Liu Tao, was declared by Sun Le that she did not want to cooperate

Yang Mi17:54:23 22/12/2021
Is a real name, has beauty and has never been involved in any scandals. But, after emerging, Jiang Han was exposed by many people to "terrible heaven". Jiang Han is no longer a strange name to audiences who love Chinese-language films. She is an extremely reserved and devoted...

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Ton Le was exposed to a series of rare photos that are different from now on

Hậu Hậu15:53:54 20/09/2021
Recently, fans were surprised when a rare old photo of actress Ton Le was posted with a s.exy and s.exy look. As can be seen in the photo, Ton Le is radiant with lovely curly hair, she wears a tight red tank top and denim skirt, exalting her young and s.exy figure. Besides, the...

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Mao Xiao Dong actor Thirty is not enough owes 2 million USD

youtuber10:42:09 16/06/2021
Recently on June 15, QQ website reported that Mao Xiaodong was owed a remuneration by Beijing Anh Bai Nian culture and media company. nearly 2 million USD. This is the salary that the actress received when participating in the movie "Dream of the Wanderer" since 2018. The Beijing court has ruled that Beijing Anh Bai Nian company must take revenge

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Thai Thieu Fen - Miss TVB once "sold her b.ody" to save her mother who loves g.ambling

team youtuber21:00:02 12/05/2021
Thai Thieu Phan is considered one of the most famous actors of the TVB movie empire in the 1990s and 2000s. However, unlike the beautiful, immense beauty on the screen, in the beauty born in 1973, the quality is high. contains unhappiness and humiliation throughout a youth. It...

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