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"Scallop boss" Jiangzhou and his sad life: Son dies, daughter defaults, wife takes refuge

Đình Như16:05:30 03/02/2024
Artist Jiangzhou is a great image of the Cai Liang stage that is known to audiences who love this art. Making the audience laugh is like that, but the late artist's personal life has many cries.

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People's Artist Thanh Nam: "Two rice" is the most willing to play on the screen, U70 is still working hard in filming, taking care of his family from AZ

Hoàng Phúc15:00:10 05/01/2023
Referring to People's Artist Thanh Nam, the audience will immediately think of the image of a multi-talented actor who can both sing cai luong, act in comedy and drama. During his 40 years of working with art, he was admired by the public for his simple and simple "Hai Lua"...

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Artist Thanh Dien still does something special after nearly 2 months of Meritorious Artist Thanh Kim Hue's d.eath

Rosé13:49:29 26/02/2022
The love of the male artist for his wife touched many people. Artist Thanh Dien once confided that he was sad and did not seem to go anywhere during the Tet holiday after artist Thanh Kim Hue passed away. The actor said that on the 4th, he spent time visiting the supermarket...

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