Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly

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It used to be one of the most anticipated film projects, but My Fireworks of the World disappointed viewers.

The new film of Duong Duong and Vuong Chu Nhien received countless criticisms, even being rated 1 star more than 50% on Douban, currently the film is only 3.5 points. It can be said that My Fireworks on Earth is the most disappointing movie of the summer of 2023.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 1

While Duong Duong is being criticized for his appearance in My Human World Fireworks , another film has the opportunity to "show up". Accordingly, recently, the crew of the film The Man Who Came Out of the Flames uploaded a propaganda video on the Jiangsu Firefighters channel with the title " How to use a fire extinguisher properly ". The person who made this propaganda video is the male lead Hoang Canh Du.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 2

Immediately after, there was an opinion that this was the man's move to defy My World Fireworks by the Man Who Came From the Flame . What is more coincidental is that Hoang Canh Du is still the rumored boyfriend of Dich Le Nhiet Ba, while Duong Duong has also been questioned about dating the beauty of Xinjiang. The confrontation of two handsome men in the same role makes viewers feel excited.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 3

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 4

In addition, a source said that because of the influence of My World Fireworks, the movie The Man Who Came Out of the Flames had to be re-censored. Thus, it is possible that the showtime of the film starring Hoang Canh Du and Truong Tinh Nghi will be pushed back for a while longer.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 5

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 6

It is not difficult to realize that My World Fireworks is a serious setback in Duong Duong's career. Not only was his acting criticized, his appearance was also said to be no longer as good as when he played Vu Tu in You Are My Pride . The current state of Duong Duong makes many people worried.

In another development, many viewers suddenly turned to thank Duong Duong for not accepting the male lead role of "The School of Love" because his acting performance was unstable.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 7

"The School of Love" is a Chinese historical blockbuster that has received great attention from the audience. The first episodes aired, the film received a lot of positive feedback from viewers thanks to the plot and good role-playing stars.

In it, the audience also recognized Duong Tu's efforts in this comeback. In particular, she also took care of her appearance, costumes and somewhat restrained her over-acting compared to before (although some scenes were still controversial).

It is for the above reasons that at present, the work has achieved many achievements, even quickly surpassing "An Lac Story" by Dich Le Nhiet Ba.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 8

However, few people know that the current star cast in the film is not the original choice of the crew. According to Chinese-language media, when the project was announced, Duong Tu was the actress who was invited to play the female lead Tieu Yeu. Meanwhile, the male lead Do Son Canh / Thap That is for Duong Duong.

However, the audience disagreed about this combination. Accordingly, many fans of Duong Duong objected because they thought that Duong Tu was not worthy to be paired with him.

In addition, Duong Duong's role in the film has many pampering scenes, doing everything for the female lead, making fans think that their idol's character is no different from a servant.

In particular, at that time, Duong Duong was busy with the project "Releasing the world", a historical film with Trieu Lo Tu.

After a noisy time, later, the producer chose Dang Vi to play the role of Thap That. It is implied that Duong Duong may have refused or asked to withdraw from the project.

However, according to many viewers, they feel lucky because the male lead is not Duong Duong. Although he belongs to the "four great peaks" of the Chinese language, in addition to his appearance, Duong Duong has a weak acting ability. A typical example is the movie "Smoke and Fire of My Human World" recently aired with only 3.4 Douban points due to the bad acting of the actor surnamed Duong.

Therefore, the fact that Duong Duong left the main role in "The School of Love" was the crew's luck because it was able to avoid the acting controversy.

While in the present, Dang Vi shows that he deserves the trust of the producer when he is assigned the male lead role. After a week of airing, Dang Vi gained more than 500,000 fans thanks to good role playing.

The audience also gave a lot of compliments to this handsome man when he dressed up for many hours to create an ugly image to close some scenes. This also partly shows his serious attitude towards the role he was assigned.

Currently, the role of Dang Vi is even more loved by the audience than the female lead Duong Tu.

Duong Duong is getting worse and worse, being mocked by her boyfriend, Dilraba, openly - Photo 9

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