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Duong Tu reveals the moment he hugged Tieu Chien after a series of dating suspicions, is the truth surprising?

Cát Cát14:12:42 29/11/2023
Tieu Chien and Duong Tu once collaborated on the project Du Sinh Please Teach More and were repeatedly questioned about whether the film was fake or real. Recently, social networks went c.razy when the two revealed their romantic moments. However, the truth behind is surprising.

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Tieu Chien caused a stir among netizens when he was photographed hugging his girlfriend in a bar. What did insiders say?

Gia Hoàng10:27:31 12/10/2023
Recently, there was a stir on Chinese social networking forums when a series of intimate photos between Tieu Chien and the g.irl in question spread at breakneck speed. Netizens stood still before the actor's statement.

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Yangtze - Tieu Chien wears a very cool couple, irrefutable proof that they are dating

Hoàng Anh11:28:07 14/01/2023
After the success of Du Sinh asked for more guidance, Duong Tu and Tieu Chien were constantly pushed by the couple's fans. Although it is said to push the boat, the evidence given by the fans completely convinces many people that the couple is indeed dating. Recently, a netizen...

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Yangtze caused a storm with the beauty of a fairy but was accused of imitating Yuan Bingyan's image?

An Nhi16:33:20 12/03/2022
The latest images of Yangtze at the recent event are becoming the topic of discussion among netizens. Recently, Duong Tu appeared at the livestream event of a famous brand after a long time in hiding. The star of Agarwood (Agarwood) has received countless compliments with its...

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Duong Tu and Tieu Chien were "faced" by the station, causing "Du Sinh" to cancel the broadcast schedule, forever "covering the mat"?

An Nhi15:06:21 27/11/2021
Fans can't help but worry about the news that the project "Yu Sinh asks for more instruction" continues to be delayed, rescheduled and not allowed to go on the radio. Duong Tu and Tieu Chien's "Du Sinh Ask For More Instruction" is a Chinese-language work that receives the...

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Tieu Chien becomes Duong Mich's "national husband" in a new project?

Hồng Hạnh17:53:54 10/08/2021
Recently, on social networks, information appeared that Duong Mich will be with Tieu Chien in Kieu Duong to be friends with me. It can be said that 2021 is a successful year for actor Tieu Chien. Currently, the blockbuster "Du Sinh" asks for more guidance is about to be...

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Yang Zi burst into tears when Yu Sheng asked for more instruction than closing the broadcast date

Hồng Hạnh21:11:47 06/08/2021
Yang Zi also couldn't help but leave a few crying expressions on the Weibo comment of the official announcement. Yu Sheng Xin Tuo More is an urban melodrama based on the novel of the same name starring Yang Zi and Tieu Chien. The film tells the story of Lam Chi Hieu (played by...

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Ngo Diep Pham lost his career, who dared to replace the actor to return to Thanh Tram Hanh?

Hồng Hạnh09:35:17 05/08/2021
The future of Thanh Tram Hanh has not been officially announced. However, there are some sources that believe that it is possible to transplant actor Tran Phi Vu's face into the main male character After Ngo Diep Pham's scandal, the film crew Thanh Tram Hanh deleted almost all...

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Duong Tu posted a strange image in front of Ngo Diep Pham's continuous scandal

Hồng Hạnh14:56:54 21/07/2021
In the face of a bad situation, it seems that Yang Zi is still very calm. Recently, the actress made her first move after her co-star's "constant scandal". The "continuous scandal" of Ngo Diep Pham's private life has brought the actor's affairs to a standstill. Recently, it was...

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Duong Tu was once criticized by Young Master Vuong Tu Thong for being ugly in Thanh Van Chi

youtuber22:15:28 02/07/2021
At that time, Duong Tu confirmed his participation in the film Thanh Van Chi, but a billion-dollar giant spoke out disparaging her with bad words. Vuong Tu Thong thinks that Yangtze is so ugly that he can't look straight Yangtze is an extremely famous young actress with a huge...

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Yangtze - Ly Hien who was once a "lover" will now face off on the screen

youtuber09:30:50 25/06/2021
If comparing between these two films, it is clear that Human Life if Ly Hien's first meeting has a richer theme. However, if it is true that these two films "meet without appointment" in July, it is also an extremely interesting thing for fans of this couple. Ly Hien and Yangtze...

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