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Runner-up Phuong Anh suddenly announced that she had "moved" a job even though the wedding day was close, people applauded loudly.

An Nhi10:39:11 17/09/2023
On her personal page, runner-up Phuong Anh just revealed her dream-like wedding photos with her businessman husband Duc Ho. However, besides that, the queen also had a sudden action near the wedding day that caught everyone's attention.

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Runner-up Phuong Anh revealed a large round 2, suspected of being pregnant and had to hurry to marry a businessman

Pinky10:32:32 23/06/2023
Queen Phuong Anh has just been questioned about having her first c.hild with a businessman lover, netizens are confused, and firmly confirm that she is in a hurry to get married in time to run to vote.

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