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Cuc Tinh Y collided with the image of Bach Loc, same age but with "one sky and one world" charisma?

Keng19:37:28 21/05/2024
Cuc Tinh Y and Bach Loc are considered rivals at Cbiz. Both actresses are not only the same age, have the same beautiful appearance, but also have quite similar development orientations.

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Trieu Le Dinh - Bach Loc: Competing for acting and reputation, who deserves to play Du Phuong Hanh?

Đình Như22:07:08 26/03/2024
Three years ago, Trieu Le Dinh almost did not participate in the famous project Du Phuong Hanh for many reasons and his favorite chicken Vu Chinh - Bach Loc was considered by the crew to play this role.

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Bai Loc "climbed high", wanted to do 1 thing like the "elder sisters" but was strongly opposed by netizens?

Mai Trúc06:40:26 06/12/2023
Recently, social networks spread an interview of Bai Loc. Accordingly, she revealed that she wanted to do 1 job like the little flower seniors but was strongly opposed by netizens.

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Bach Loc revealed one thing he wanted to change in the past, related to how long have netizens been "eyeing" him?

Anh Thụy13:32:40 27/11/2023
Recently, in an interview, when asked if he could go back to the past, what would Bach Loc want to change? Immediately, she chose to change something that netizens had been eyeing for a long time.

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Bach Loc was "chosen to send gold" to a big brand, but "sorry" because he couldn't read English names

An Nhi10:01:44 30/06/2023
Appearing at a product launch for a newly signed brand, Bach Loc became the subject of discussion not only because of his beautiful appearance but also because of the moment when he forgot his lines and misread the brand name.

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Bach Loc "eats bricks and stones" for speaking profanity, looking down on women, Nhiet Ba and Duong Tu are also punished!

Minh Lợi15:10:13 25/04/2023
Sina reported that Bach Loc posted an apology on his personal page for his careless statements in the past. The actress has become a topic of attention in recent days because of the controversy of swearing and building an excessively "female man" image, leading to behavior that...

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Bach Loc collaborates with 3 less popular "fresh meat" in the new movie, is the resource being downgraded?

Hoàng Phúc10:17:13 26/05/2022
The fact that Bach Loc cooperates with the unpopular male gods in the Ninh An Nhu Mong project is receiving a lot of attention from netizens. Many people think that the male cast is somewhat inferior to the female lead, Bach Loc will have to shoulder the back of his co-star. The...

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La Van Hi first appeared after rumors of being "cancelled", what is her current beauty?

An Nhi20:01:37 30/10/2021
The latest image of "historical beauty" La Van Hi on the set is attracting the attention of many netizens. Not long ago, the Chinese social network couldn't help but be shocked by the news that La Van Hi was 100% punched by the male assistant to the point of fainting on the set...

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Bach Loc "Chau was born like an old man" reunited with La Van Hi in a new movie, fans booed because of this.

An Nhi16:25:27 09/10/2021
Before the information that the beautiful couple Bach Loc and La Van Hi continued to be charming in the work "Endless Truong Nguyet", netizens did not stop arguing. After the success of "Chau was born like a father" and "Nhat Sinh was most in the world", Bach Loc quickly...

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