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Rumor has it that Truong Ngoc Anh has a new lover, her ex shows a strange attitude, making fans stir

Hoàng Phúc17:25:52 12/04/2024
In recent days, information about the rift between Truong Ngoc Anh and her 14-year-old lover - actor Anh Dung - is receiving a lot of attention from the online community.

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Truong Ngoc Anh's hair was messy due to the noise of debt, the young lover said a harsh sentence

Minh Lợi12:03:12 28/03/2024
Recently, information about the rift between actress Truong Ngoc Anh and her 14-year-old lover, actor Anh Dung, is receiving a lot of attention from the online community.

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Actor Anh Dung: Career with many ups and downs and noisy private life, now happy with Truong Ngoc Anh

Mộc14:18:17 11/12/2022
Possessing a handsome appearance, however, both Anh Dung's career and love life are still in trouble. Until recently, the actor confirmed that he was dating Truong Ngoc Anh, bringing his girlfriend to introduce his family. Dung is an actor who emerged after the movie Living with...

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Phuong Thanh - Chi Kien, Le Quyen - Lam Bao Chau and Vbiz's decades-old sister relationships

Hoàng Phúc19:02:22 30/05/2022
Recently, female singer Phuong Thanh made her lover 14 years younger to the public. Before her, Vietnamese showbiz also witnessed many popular sister-child relationships, which were interested and discussed by many audiences. Phuong Thanh and Chi Kien The recent wave of public...

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Actor Anh Dung - Truong Ngoc Anh's "pilot" was criticized for hosting Miss Fitness 2020

Nam Phương17:06:03 10/01/2022
Despite having many years of experience in the field of acting and modeling. However, actor Anh Dung encountered a wave of protests when he took on the role of host of the Miss Fitness 2020 program. Will this brand new name overcome Vinh Thuy's elegant image or be labeled a...

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Truong Ngoc Anh - Becoming a giant from two empty hands, a failed marriage with Tran Bao Son

Hậu Hậu13:17:51 16/09/2021
Truong Ngoc Anh born in 1976 in Hanoi is a famous Vietnamese model, singer, MC and film actor. Truong Ngoc Anh was discovered by the late actor Le Cong Tuan Anh. He convinced director Luu Phuoc Sang to invite her to act in Em and Michael, marking an important step forward in her...

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