Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk

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Sina reported that many stars participated in the Bazaar Icons 2023 event organized by Harper's Bazaar China magazine. In it, it is noteworthy that the participation of Xinjiang beauty Dilraba Dilraba.

Dilraba Dilra appeared on the red carpet with a blue fishtail dress that hugged her b.ody curves. Besides, the actress also used beaded jewelry to match the dress. The outfit also has a deep slit on the chest.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 1

However, the costume was faulty, making the actress's appearance less than perfect. Besides, when entering the red carpet, Dich Le Nhiet Ba constantly covered her chest with her hands with a lack of confidence. Many viewers commented that if Dilraba did not feel comfortable with r.evealing clothes, she could choose a more discreet style instead of always acting like that.

Besides, the audience compared with Tong Thien, who also recently wore the same outfit when participating in the event in Europe. Tong Thien's charisma is confident, bringing a sense of distinction despite being in the same frame with international artists.

Dilraba's status in the Bazaar Icons 2023 event on the evening of May 30 was also not appreciated. The actress revealed a tired shade, pale makeup. According to Sina, Dich Le Nhiet Ba is busy on the set of Loi Kiem Hoa Hong , so her beauty is not stable.

Sina commented that Dich Le Nhiet Ba is one of the stars who invest heavily in red carpet fashion. The goal of Xinjiang beauties is to inherit the title of "red carpet queen" of senior Pham Bang Bang. In the appearances before Dich Le Nhiet Ba always made the public admire, even overwhelmed many seniors like Duong Mich, Angelababy, Trieu Le Dinh.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 2

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 3

Dilraba Dilraba was born in 1992, currently the most famous 9X actress in China. She is known to the audience through works such as Co Kiem Ky Dam, Diamond Lover, Tam Sinh Tam The: Thap Ly Dao Hoa, Tam Sinh Tam The: Oc Thuong Thu, Ngu Giao Ky, Em La Pride of the Lady. Older brother ...

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is one of the most sought-after stars by brands. She holds more than 20 advertising contracts of many brands from household products, cosmetics, jewelry, high fashion... The actress is paid millions of yuan each time she attends the event.

At the beginning of 2023, the Chinese entertainment industry was buzzing with rumors that Dich Le Nhiet Ba was secretly pregnant with Hoang Canh Du's c.hild. For many months, the actress did not appear, did not attend the event, did not join the new film crew because she was pregnant. This information quickly became a h.ot topic on social networks, topping H.ot Search Weibo and causing netizens to discuss non-stop.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 4

Although the actress's office announced to sue those who spread rumors, there are still bloggers who intentionally post hidden messages, affirming that Heat Ba is pregnant.

When Dilraba Dilra appeared at the airport, attended a fashion event with a flat stomach, showing off her s.exy figure in tight dresses, the rumors disappeared.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 5

In an interview with the latest magazine, the actress explained, "When I first saw the rumors, I was angry and wondered why. But gradually, I just felt funny. Even if I only live to prove it, those who don't want to believe will find an excuse not to believe."

Regarding the delay in joining the film crew, Dich Le Nhiet Ba said that the filming crew delayed the start of filming because of the epidemic situation, so she had a lot of time to rest. Heat Ba has had the longest break since her debut, she spends her time h.anging out, watching dramas, movies and learning to cook at home.

The You Are My Pride star hopes her personal life won't get too much attention, saying that acting is just a career. After finishing work, Nhiet Ba is like everyone else, after going to the noodle shop after work, she is just an ordinary customer.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 6

The star often has to deal with the paparazzi, often being followed when out and about. Dich Le Nhiet Ba also felt scared many times when he discovered that someone was stalking him after work. This made her feel scared.

Currently, Dich Le Nhiet Ba is having a shift in acting, rarely receiving historical films to focus on dramatic roles. This is considered a big challenge because her acting is often criticized.

Dich Le Nhiet Ba "played big" and exposed the first round to the public: The standard breast of a mother with milk - Photo 7

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