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How close Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Do La's mother are, they once made a statement right at the wedding ceremony

Kim Lâm13:37:50 20/07/2024
Since becoming a wealthy bride, Dam Thu Trang's life has always attracted attention from netizens. In particular, the relationship with her powerful mother-in-law - businessman Nhu Loan is also of special interest to everyone.

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Dam Thu Trang married Cuong Do La and is now afraid of becoming a bride, advising women to worry about living separately

Pinky14:32:43 21/05/2024
Cuong Do La's wife - former model Dam Thu Trang - recently shared her views on marriage and family. She frankly said that living with her husband's family was not comfortable, and advised women that when they get married, they should live separately.

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Cuong Do La revealed a habit that is hard to break, being more stylish than women, making Dam Thu Trang angry and denounced it directly on social networks.

Đức Trí06:27:53 19/12/2023
The tycoon in the mountain town of Cuong Do La was suddenly surprised by his wife Dam Thu Trang complaining on social networks because of a bad habit of his. The former model even said she was annoyed by this flirtatious habit, even more so than women.

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Dam Thu Trang officially "gives birth" to give birth to a second c.hild for Cuong Do La, the appearance is similar to her father's appearance

Phương Nam08:09:31 31/05/2023
Recently on his personal page, Cuong Do La happily announced that his wife Dam Thu Trang gave birth to a second c.hild. "The giants of the mountain town" then also revealed the c.hild's image, gender and said the I look like my father. Specifically, on his personal page, the giant...

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