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Dahyun (TWICE): Was noticed by the "3 big guys" and starred as the main character right after entering the acting field

Uyển Đình15:42:10 16/05/2024
Dahyun is a female idol singer, a member of the g.irl group Twice managed by JYP Entertainment. Debuting in the top g.irl group Gen 3, Dahyun is the most successful among the female idol group born in 1998.

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TWICE's Dahyun was criticized for starring in the Korean version of The G.irl We Chased Together

Phong Trần12:36:24 16/05/2024
The popular youth movie The G.irl We Chased That Year was remade in Korea. The role of Tham Giai Nghi, played by Tran Nghien Hy, once caused a fever, is now assigned to TWICE's female idol - Dahyun.

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Adele, Charlie Puth are angry, "warning" fans on social networks, hearing the new reason "fire"

Khánh Tự17:46:04 08/07/2023
Recently, the situation of artists being attacked on stage while performing has become increasingly serious. Facing this alarming situation, singers Adele and Charlie Puth seriously warned.

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Jennie is in danger of losing the fashion queen, Jisoo - Rosé met the first turn of the year, Lisa is the luckiest

Hoàng Phúc11:17:34 02/02/2023
Jennie is one of the most popular members of BLACKPINK. In the past time, she has continuously become the center of attention when being criticized for her strange attitude towards fans. In the midst of a market storm, the female idol born in 1996 continued to be threatened by...

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Nayeon (TWICE) - A beautiful, multi-talented female idol with a constant attitude

An Nhi09:57:53 25/05/2022
TWICE's oldest sister - Nayeon is a member who takes on the role of lead vocal in the group. Not only possessing a beautiful and lovely face, Nayeon is also loved by many people thanks to her sweet voice. Im Nayeon was born on September 22, 1995 in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South...

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Dahyun (TWICE) and Kpop idols born in the year of the Tiger born in 1998 have the best careers, no one is number 1

Hoàng Phúc07:51:18 05/02/2022
Below is an idol association born in the year of the Tiger with a troubled career. On the occasion of welcoming the year of the Tiger, the spotlight focuses on the new generation of Kpop idols of the year of the Tiger. Rarely had the opportunity to attend 98-line attendance, but...

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Tzuyu, Momo or any beauties in TWICE is the 'holy b.ody', capable of 'confronting' BLACKPINK

Hoàng Phúc17:53:36 08/12/2021
Just like the "holy b.ody" of other g.irl groups, the members of TWICE also have an eye-catching s.exy hourglass b.ody, in contrast to their innocent beauty. When it comes to the g.irl group with the best b.ody in Kpop, surely many people will call the name BLACKPINK. The 4 girls from...

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Dahyun (TWICE) was criticized for being arrogant on the radio show, Knet brought up all the old scandals

An Nhi09:15:14 19/11/2021
The attitude of Dahyun - a member of the national group TWICE on the radio show is causing netizens to constantly argue. After the comeback with SCIENTIST, TWICE members continuously participated in promotional activities on music stages and TV shows. Recently, both TWICE...

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