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Artist Thanh Dien passed away: Blind from birth but more talented than others, without a home, without a wife and children

Keng15:57:21 27/12/2023
Guitarist Thanh Dien is probably no longer a stranger to people in Can Tho because of his talent in playing the guitar and his optimistic lifestyle. Although he was born blind, he possessed a piano playing technique that was difficult to match.

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Color Man: Chu Dien Quan, once a "boss" in Vietnamese showbiz, Tran Thanh - Truong Giang has some respect

Thảo Mai15:18:33 09/12/2023
Mr. Do Van Buu Dien (also known as Color Man) is the person behind a series of game shows (entertainment programs) that attract customers such as: Comedian Challenge, Who's Voice, Food Paradise, Tiny Talents. ..

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"Tycoon" Dien Quan Color Man was suddenly "touched" because of tax debt, the total amount of nearly 26 billion VND

Uyển Đình15:18:21 07/12/2023
The news that entertainment tycoon Dien Quan - Color Man was named because of tax debt surprised people. Once considered a big man in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, now, Dien Quan has almost disappeared from the market.

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What is the action of tycoon Dien Quan after being sued by Phuong Hang?

An Nhi11:53:17 02/06/2022
After a series of scandals related to Phuong Hang, recently, tycoon Dien Quan Color Man revealed on his personal Facebook page about a "big plan" with his wife, surprising many people. In Vietnamese showbiz, Color Man is no stranger to Vietnamese audiences, especially those who...

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Dien Quan met a "displacement", Khuong Dua was angry, called the police, what is going on?

Hoàng Phúc07:28:25 18/02/2022
"It's not okay to i.nsult me naturally. The first time I went out on the street, I was cursed like that" - Khuong Dua said angrily. Recently, on the Youtube channel of director Khuong Dua, he posted a clip of the scene where he and the film crew went to shoot at an abandoned...

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Just 'challenged' CEO Dien Quan, Mrs. Phuong Hang issued a new 'ultimatum'

Rosé15:39:20 16/02/2022
Hang's new move attracts a lot of attention from the public After exposing the artist world, in recent days, CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang has suddenly turned to a series of popular Vbiz bosses, including the boss Dien Quan - Color Man. Although all of this is just one-way information...

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Color Man painfully reported the news of mourning, netizens sent condolences and encouragement

Như Ý17:03:23 14/02/2022
Recently on his personal page, Color Man suddenly changed his avatar and sad status line. Accordingly, he said: "Color Man would like to announce to all of you who love our family: Our mother & grandmother returned to Buddha land at 12:49 pm today, February 14, 2022. Our family...

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Nguyen Sin exposes the true face of Tinh That Bong Lai and the conspiracy to make the society unstable

Như Ý11:24:42 24/01/2022
In the early days of 2022, the noise surrounding the artist's charity almost took over all social networking sites. Relevant information is always updated and interested in public opinion. However, besides that, the case of Tinh That Bong Lai is also a topic that many people...

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Long hat makes a strong comeback with the suffix Color Man exploiting, without financial transparency

Nam Phương11:58:44 21/01/2022
Coming out of the program "Challenge Comedy" Long Non La is well known as a promising young singer and musician of Vietnam. After creating a buzz when participating in this program, Long Non La received an invitation to cooperate with Mr. Color Man's company Dien Quan (Do Van...

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Color Man boss left Saigon while Tinh That Bong Lai was prosecuted, Netizen interrogated to the end

Nam Phương16:49:15 07/01/2022
Netizens went to CLM's Fanpage to question Tinh That Bong Lai. From an unknown establishment, Tinh That Bong Lai became famous since there were 5 boys who won the championships of Seasons 5 and 6. This is also the youngest comedy group in Vietnam to establish a great...

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Sam made the netizen "out of breath" because his whole b.ody was bruised, his limbs were covered with scratches, what is this?

Hoàng Phúc14:10:53 27/12/2021
Sam surprised the audience when he posted a photo of his limbs full of wounds. Recently, Sam made netizens panic when he posted photos of bruised limbs in the last days of the year. It is known that she is currently on the set to participate in a new film project. I don't know...

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Khuong Dua sadly announced the news of the mourning, the fans choked to say goodbye

An Nhi17:18:38 18/11/2021
The "showbiz boss" of Dien Quan - Khuong Dua shocked and saddened netizens when he reported bad news on his personal page. Recently, the powerful man of Dien Quan - Khuong Dua sadly shared mourning information on his personal page, making many viewers confused. Specifically, on...

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Color Man said 1 sentence about the secretary who wears a deep neck shirt and has to be shy to cover up the controversy

Hà Hà14:54:48 04/11/2021
After being called out by "the general" Dai Nam in an exchange with fans, the information about Color Man - "boss" Dien Quan inevitably made netizens curious. Among them, the most notable is still the noise of Color Man and the beautiful secretaries. Recently, a clip recording...

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Sam livestream clarifies the relationship with the "boss" Dien Quan, explaining the cat and dog drama

Duyên Trần09:00:05 04/11/2021
Recently on her Fanpage, Sam publicly opened the livestream "once telling all" about recent dramas related to her and the apartment management board that do not allow her to have a pet and call it "cattle". The point that surprised many people was that Sam livestream told...

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Sam spoke up about rumors of dating tycoon Dien Quan and stealing charity m.oney

Hà Hà21:27:14 28/10/2021
In recent days, Sam is a name that the online community calls non-stop with rumors of "couple" with Color Man - owner Dien Quan. Also from here, a series of old clips with the appearance of her and Color Man were suddenly dug up with a series of sarcastic comments with negative...

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R.evealing a clip of My Tam showing an unpleasant attitude when disturbed by the crew of "boss" Dien Quan?

Duyên Trần14:57:31 26/10/2021
Last time, "Color Man" was the name that occupied the social network when it was mentioned in the livestream of giant Phuong Hang. As a producer of television shows, he has a particularly close relationship with many artists. In addition to the title "tycoon" Dien Quan, Color...

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H.ot g.irl Sam was attacked by anti-fans for being intimate, many times playing with tycoon Dien Quan

Hà Hà06:22:52 26/10/2021
Suddenly being called by a female CEO about the question of being a "tu man" specializing in taking care of h.ot girls and long legs, tycoon Dien Quan suddenly became the focus of public opinion. Notably, the beauties close to the Vietnamese showbiz tycoon are also "super soi" by...

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Tycoon Dien Quan "bathes fairy" with 3 beauties, leading 3 secretaries to Landmark 81 to share a bowl of pho.

Hà Hà17:56:57 23/10/2021
Color Man, whose real name is Do Van Buu Dien, has always been considered as the "boss" of the entertainment industry. This man once proudly declared: "In my position, I meet the most famous people such as Truong Giang, Tran Thanh, My Tam, Dam Vinh Hung. 90% of these famous...

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Phuong Hang suddenly revealed that Diem My's mother had caused a commotion in the "Peng Lai Pure House" asking for help.

Rosé14:43:37 22/10/2021
This information makes those who are interested in the story "Zen am on the edge of the universe" pay attention. "Bong Lai Temple" is a famous name after two "monks" participated in a singing contest on television, especially "5 young monks" introduced as underprivileged...

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"Color Man was once "sealed" by Nguyen Sin with tens of billions in tax debt, aiding Tinh That Bong Lai

Nam Phương19:51:17 21/10/2021
Before being called by Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang on the livestream, Facebooker Nguyen Sin was one of the individuals who used to e.xpose the "boss" of the Color Man media. In recent livestreams, Phuong Hang suddenly revealed a powerful person behind entertainment programs...

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Who is the tycoon Dien Quan who is called by Phuong Hang, rich and powerful?

Hà Hà13:07:11 20/10/2021
A few days ago, the internet "was up" when Phuong Hang mentioned Color Man (ie Mr. Do Van Buu Dien, Chairman of Dien Quan Media and Entertainment Company) with a lot of unverified information about NL restaurant. his in District 1. Ho Chi Minh City. This is not the first time he...

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