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Ha Linh - Bearded G.irl - No O No: 3 "top" warriors make shop owners terrified every time they review

Hoàng Phúc07:46:35 05/08/2022
Dubbed the "reviewed war gods", these 3 h.ot tiktokers can make the restaurant famous, crowded with customers after just a video of praise or can also cause the restaurant to be boycotted because of a video criticizing it. . "War god review" Vo Ha Linh Originally a beauty blogger...

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Ty Thy exposes the fraudulent review clip of the Bearded G.irl, netizens are outraged

Hoàng Phúc13:14:27 08/03/2022
Recently, on MXH, a clip "unmasked" TikToker Bearded G.irl has made a fraudulent review, so much so that the owner has to appear to correct it. Specifically, a netizen combined 2 clips, a review clip of the papaya salad restaurant in Binh Thanh posted by the Bearded G.irl, the...

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Long Chun demanded to "make an appointment" with the Bearded G.irl for the income of 1 billion/month and an apology from the other party

Hoàng Phúc14:45:23 02/03/2022
The noisy case between the two "top" idols Long Chun and the Bearded G.irl is the most intense drama in the world at the moment. H.ot TikToker Long Chun once publicly revealed that he earned 1 billion dong a month. Many people admire this desirable income, but there are also many...

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"The bearded g.irl" accused Long Chun of "exploding" when showing off his billions/month income, releasing hard evidence?

Như Ý14:24:13 17/02/2022
As one of the leading TikTokers in Vietnam with nearly 5 million followers, Long Chun is naturally also in the attention of netizens. And recently, the male TikToker himself revealed his monthly income. The number given by Long Chun made many people surprised and admired. He...

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