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Pham Bang Bang edited the photo too much at Cannes, everyone was shocked to see the original picture captured by the evil god

Minh Lợi19:59:25 30/05/2023
2023 - the time that marks the spectacular return of Pham Bang Bang on the artistic path at the age of 42 after the tax evasion scandal. After many days attending Cannes for the 76th time, the beauty really showed the level of a top Chinese star. However, some parts of China's...

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Miss Universe 2022 semi-final: Thailand was criticized for its bad catwalk, 1 contestant wore long pants to compete in a swimsuit

Minh Lợi17:22:08 12/01/2023
On the morning of January 12 (Vietnam time), the semi-finals of Miss Universe - Miss Universe 2022 - officially took place in the US. 84 beauties went through 2 contests: Swimsuit and Evening. In addition to the glamorous performances, the semi-finals of Miss Universe 2022 also...

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Ngoc Chau turned a butterfly on the MU stage, launching a lotus dance move was still criticized, the catwalk coach spoke up

Hoàng Phúc11:29:15 12/01/2023
Taking on the position of "vedette of the night", Ngoc Chau made the whole audience applaud when striding gently and gracefully on the background of melodious music and state-of-the-art light and sound effects. However, the queen faced controversy for performing a lotus dance...

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Ngoc Chau launched an evening dress, suspected of being taken advantage of by the Miss Universe president to interact with Mr. Nawat?

Hoàng Phúc13:45:44 10/01/2023
After releasing the drawings of two evening dresses that she will wear in the semi-final night of the 71st Miss Universe contest, Ngoc Chau received a series of mixed opinions. While international fans gave a lot of praise, some domestic fans expressed their dissatisfaction with...

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"Miss Universe Vietnam" Ngoc Chau and a poor childhood, orphaned at a young age

Thư Kỳ00:28:57 26/06/2022
Before being crowned the highest position of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest, which many people know, few people know that Ngoc Chau had an incomplete childhood like her peers. The final night of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has just taken place in Ho Chi Minh City on the...

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Minh Hang's wedding - close-up of tailor-made ao dai, all hand-embroidered

Le Tuan10:07:29 14/06/2022
Designer Chung Thanh Phong is the person behind Minh Hang's gorgeous wedding dress in the family ceremony, held warmly on the morning of June 13 at his home. The bride Minh Hang became the center of attention with a white wedding dress, which maximized her beauty and figure. In...

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Hoang Thuy was cursed for "losing her teaching" because she suspected of playing bad Minh Tu, posting a moral status that caused a stir

Hà Hà19:51:46 26/10/2021
Although not as flamboyant as expected, for the music world, designer Chung Thanh Phong's latest show is like a cool rain after a series of sunny days. Because it's been a long time since the public has been able to admire the new designs and professional strides of the famous...

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