Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it?

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Recently, in the broadcast episode of Radio Star (on August 9) - DJ Koo appeared and shared a lot of information related to his dramatic marriage to actress Xu Xiyuan ( Meteor Garden).

The most special feature in this broadcast episode is that: the singer spoke out about the information that "stole" 220 million yuan (about 729 billion VND), causing the beauty surnamed Xu to have a seizure. Specifically, he said, "Many netizens spread false rumors, including that I hugged Xu Xiyuan's m.oney and fled back to Korea. Besides, there are many other rumors like I married her because I didn't have m.oney, we got divorced, Xu Xiyuan went back to her ex-husband. All this information is completely fabricated."

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 1

At the same time, DJ Koo also revealed a lot of information about the sweet love story with the beauty of Meteor Garden. During the show, a video of the couple meeting again after 24 years captured the spotlight. It is known that DJ Koo - Xu Xiyuan dated and broke up in 1998. It wasn't until early 2022 that the couple met again and announced their marriage in March of the same year.

In addition to the above information, DJ Koo also confided that the singer still has problems with Xu Xiyuan after the breakup in 1998. When he happened to see Meteor Garden, the artist suddenly realized his feelings for the beauty born in 1976.

According to the singer, at that time, he thought that he would not have a chance to see Xu Xiyuan again, but fortunately, fate arranged for him to have the opportunity to be charmed with the famous beauty in a way no one expected.

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 2

DJ Koo also did not hesitate to share about the romantic moments of the 2 couples - as an affirmation to s.mash many bad rumors before. According to DJ Koo, the artist often cooks for beauties. The two also have double tattoos, double rings as a way to make the love between them sweeter. The Korean singer also openly sent his wife "winged" words: "Her smile makes me vibrate, happy."

It is known that on the afternoon of February 21 this year, page 163 published shocking news related to artist couple Xu Xiyuan - DJ Koo (Koo Jun Hyeop). Accordingly, the star of Taiwan will divorce her Korean husband, after DJ Koo "stole" 220 million yuan (nearly 760 billion VND) and fled back to his hometown.

The news immediately caused a stir; however, Sohu was quick to speak out — refuting the rumors. This news site has provided ample evidence that Xu Xiyuan is still happy with his husband.

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 3

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 4

As for the photo in the rumor that Xu Xiyuan had epilepsy, he had to go to the emergency room after her husband took a huge amount of m.oney - many bloggers on Weibo believe that this is actually a photo of actress Xu Ruiyuan. And in fact, this actress is going to wash her hair, not an emergency in the hospital. The photo of Xu Xiyuan's husband holding m.oney and running away was also proven to be someone else's.

Xu Xiyuan, born in 1976, is a famous Taiwanese actor and singer. She is known for many films that have created a strong fever such as "Meteor Garden", "Summer Bubble", "War God" ,... It is known that she and businessman Wang Xiaofei were previously married and lived together for 10 years. However, the two announced their divorce in late 2021.

DJ Koo, whose real name is Koo Jun Yup, is a music producer, singer, member of dance group Clon... He is currently active as a DJ. He also has his own fashion brand.

DJ Koo and Xu Xiyuan first met at a concert 25 years ago. The Taiwanese star quickly fell in love with the Korean singer. They officially became a couple, but broke up not long after because DJ Koo's agency tried to prevent this love.

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 5

In 2022, after learning that Xu Xiyuan broke up with her husband Wang Xiaofei, DJ Koo actively contacted his former love. Last March, the couple announced their marriage to the surprise of the public.

Their marriage was plagued by a lot of scandals - many "vilified" that DJ Koo was leaning on his wife. However, the couple still proved to fans that they are happy with their choice.

Husband Xu Xiyuan (Meteor Garden) hugged 729 billion and ran away, the actress had a seizure, how real is it? - Photo 6

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