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Ngo Boi Tu: Giving birth to a c.hild received a reward of 13 trillion, but now it's gone because her fiance was convicted

Minh Lợi16:11:58 28/02/2024
Ngo Boi Tu is a name that is not unfamiliar in the Chinese modeling industry. Since her debut, Ngo Boi Tu has received countless compliments for her beautiful doll-like appearance and extremely perfect b.ody proportions.

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Hua Thuan My: Became a billionaire after divorcing her old husband 3 times, fell in love with her young lover and was taken advantage of and treated cruelly

Keng17:39:04 25/09/2023
Hua Thuan My became a billionaire thanks to marrying a rich man. But after her husband died, she cruelly abandoned her daughter. When the couple was young, she was treated so cruelly by her lover, physically affected that she had to be hospitalized for treatment.

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