The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of "the broken mirror heals", the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel!

Hoa TuyếtJul 25, 2023 at 15:38

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About a week ago, the couple was said to secretly break up, causing many fans to regret. However, recently, the female star made an "unusual" move, questioning the resumption of old love causing a stir in the online community.

The couple Phao - Tez was once entangled in rumors of an emotional rift, stemming from the female rapper's statement "I am single" at a music stage, implicitly asserting that she had broken up with her boyfriend after 3 years of dating.

Specifically on Instagram, Phao suddenly received a question from a fan "Are you single?". To this question, the owner of the hit "Behold the Shadow Ai" did not answer directly, but re-shared a clip of an exchange with the audience: "Cannon is single and everyone who is single here, let's burn it all out tonight".

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 1

Until the last night of 24/7, Phao suddenly posted a picture of Tez in the studio, she attached Tez's name to the post and did not say anything more. Before this action of the female rapper, netizens immediately questioned the couple's "broken mirror healing" after the previous noise.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 2

According to the emotional circuit, many netizens expressed their excitement at Phao's post, leaving comments with a message wishing the two of them to maintain a good relationship: "And the heart is happy again", "That's great", .... Besides, many people also mocked the couple who liked to play tricks, turning the audience like pinwheel, when they just announced they were single, they now posted on a public forum to be close.

Cannon and Tez are two names that are no longer strange to the audience, especially those who love rap music. Before Phao announced their singleness, the two also had many articles that implied their love story broke up after many years together.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 3

In mid-June this year, Tez confused netizens with the caption: "Glance left because you're not mine anymore". A few days earlier, Phao also updated a status full of meaning: "You are the most beautiful when you are not around" and quickly deleted it.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 4

The news that the Gen Z rapper couple broke up made the online community regret it. Phao - Tez officially started dating from 2020, at that time Phao participated in "King Of Rap" and Tez was a contestant on "Vietnamese Rap" season 1. They are also the couple with the longest love period of the Rap programs.

- "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I've been in love for 3 years, but now we've broken up".

- "I love these two the most in the rap world, now they each go their separate ways and don't know what to do".

- "Love at a certain time will feel inappropriate anymore. Well then, I wish the new love happiness soon."

- "When we first fell in love, it was also peaceful, now it's too easy to break up."

However, with the latest move of rapper Phao, it is hoped that the couple will ignore misunderstandings and continue to accompany each other.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 5

Phao is a young multi-talented rapper, she has been pursuing music since the age of 16. In addition to spending time studying, Phao also attends vocal classes and self-composes in a rap group in Vietnam. Dieu Huyen received great attention from the audience, since performing the song "Two minutes more" x Masew reached the top trending YouTube.

In fact, this song has been released since December 2019 but not many people know about it. Until the clip of 3 Chinese young men dancing the "fan dance" to the music of this song, "Two minutes more" was received more enthusiastically.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 6

The content of the song is about two lovers who should borrow wine to confess their love. This is not a new topic, because before that, there were works that became big hits such as: Tuy Am (Xesi, Masew, Nhat Nguyen), Borrowing wine to confess (BigDaddy, Emily).

Not only the theme is similar, but the melody, the voice with the ghostly color is also somewhat similar to "Tay Ton". Sharing about this issue, Phao said: "The essence of the concept is already the same, so it's not unusual for the two songs to have some similarities. I think this is quite normal."

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 7

In August 2020, Phao participated in the program "King Of Rap" and delivered an impressive performance with the rap song "I'm so scared". The female rapper has received many compliments from all 4 coaches for her creative and unique rhyming style through each word in the song. After the episode aired, Phao became the most searched name at the moment.

Currently, in addition to working in the group of young rappers, Phao also participates in performances at big stages and takes advertising photos.

The famous couple Cannon - Tez revealed evidence of the broken mirror heals, the fans mocked: Rotating like a pinwheel! - Photo 8

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