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Win Metawin is 25 years old and has an impressive acting talent, from boylove to romance

Khánh Huyền16:19:29 29/04/2024
Starting to emerge with the hit boylove 2gether the Series, Win Metawin increasingly left a deeper impression in the hearts of the audience thanks to his diligent participation in many films.

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Bright - Win is only a thing of the past, officially "collapsed" after 4 years of fans pushing the boat

Phi Đức14:19:03 28/04/2024
Thai boylove fans are certainly no strangers to the famous BrightWin couple, one of the hottest couples in the entertainment industry of the Golden Temple. But now, it can be said that BrightWin has collapsed after Bright publicly dated his girlfriend Nene Trinh Nai Hinh.

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Gigie Truc Anh: Vietnamese-born beauty who swept the Thai screen, participated in The Face

Vân Anh16:50:18 16/02/2024
Starting from a contestant on The Face Vietnam 2017, up to now, Vietnamese-born beauty Gigie Truc Anh has affirmed her name after a period of joining the Thai entertainment industry.

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Bright Vachirawit is rumored to be having an affair despite having a girlfriend and using banned substances. What does the management company say?

Thảo Mai11:43:06 15/09/2023
On September 14, social networks were in a stir when a news site in Thailand suddenly posted rumors about a famous actor, possessing a handsome appearance and being influential after appearing in the movie. B.oy Love movie series.

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"F4 Thailand" - Bright attitude, receiving the first s.hock when coming to Vietnam, Vietnamese fans are disappointed when "swinging idols"?

KiKo14:32:59 06/03/2023
Thai F4 members right from the moment they arrived in Vietnam have caused fever all over the front along with a series of side stories and surprising experiences of the members when they first came to Vietnam. As part of the Asia tour - S.hooting Star, "F4 Thailand" including...

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Bright Vachirawit: The male god of dating Baifern, famous for his passionate but homophobic role?

N.P15:46:26 07/10/2022
Dubbed a Thai male god with a "looks like charm" appearance, but at the peak of his career, Bright Vachirawit suddenly dropped without stopping, being boycotted throughout Asia because of many concussion scandals. struck. Bright Vachirawit is one of the most expensive actors in...

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Bright Vachirawit plays a pair of all beauties from Mai Davika to Baifern, but the heart only goes to Win?

Hoàng Phúc11:53:32 13/08/2022
It is easy to see that the actor born in 1997 Bright can shine when standing next to any beautiful woman or male, but he seems to "explode" the best chemistry when he is next to his boylove Win co-star. Metawin. Bright Vachirawit and Mai Davika Recently, Bright Vachirawit had...

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Baifern Pimchanok and the rumored "bloody" lovers: There is a pair of boylove movie gods Bright - Win

Hoàng Phúc13:52:09 10/08/2022
Baifern Pimchanok is a talented beauty of the Thai entertainment industry. She is considered the "national treasure of beauty" of this country because of her extremely beautiful and attractive appearance. As a famous single g.irl in Thai showbiz, Baifern has many times fell into...

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