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Doan Di Bing, who pays a nanny salary of 120 million VND / month, has just given birth to a c.hild who has been hotly rewarded

Xuka15:04:44 08/01/2024
Doan Di Bing is currently one of the giants most interested in the online community today. Recently, the big lady announced the happy news of nanny Tianjin - the closest nanny considered by Duan Di Bing as a family member.

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Duan Di Bing's nanny gave birth, and the big woman rushed to the hospital to confirm her appearance

Uyển Đình15:44:50 05/01/2024
Tianjin is known as the number nanny of Doan Di Bing's house. Not only was the landlady personally organizing the wedding and giving her a huge dowry, but when she was pregnant until she was pregnant, she always received special attention from the female giant of District 7.

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The rich husband Doan Di Bang revealed the marriage "contract" between rumors of having a stepchild with a nanny

T.P13:43:59 09/05/2023
The online community suddenly revealed a series of secrets, including the "contract" of Doan Di Bang's businessman husband for the rich woman, which was stirred up because it was related to false rumors that he was dating a nanny. In the past few days, social media users are...

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Doan Di Bang's husband was accused of having his own c.hild with a nanny, suspicious because of the 120 million/month salary, the owner got involved

T.P13:40:03 08/05/2023
The world is extremely stirred by the shocking news related to the couple Doan Di Bang and Nguyen Quoc Vu, when there were rumors that the businessman cheated on his wife and children, went back and forth with the nanny, leading to a c.hild of his own. The couple "giant district...

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