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Tangmo case: Strange call revealed shocking details, leaked clip of 2 mysterious voices shouting in the middle of the river

An Nhi17:35:32 10/03/2022
The case of the actress The Flying Leaf is increasingly complicated when a series of suspicious details appear. Amarin TV page on the afternoon of March 10 reported that information related to the incident of Tangmo Nida's unusual d.eath on the Chao Phraya River had many new...

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The biological mother of the "Flying Leaf" really passed away 7 years ago, the father's statement was "digged" again?

Rosé00:09:14 07/03/2022
This news once again caused a stir in public opinion. While the d.eath of Tangmo Nida is still being investigated and clarified, the Amarin TV page on March 6 shocked the Thai public when it turned over 1 information. Accordingly, the suspicion that the 38-year-old star's...

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The actress's mother "Flying Leaf" laughed and said she didn't dare to stay at her daughter's house because… afraid of ghosts

Rosé18:55:25 06/03/2022
Her sarcastic expression made netizens angry. At noon on March 4, the program Hone-Krasae on TV channel CH3 invited to the studio Ms. Panida Siriyuthyothin - Tangmo Nida's mother. During the program, MC actor Kanchai Kamnerdploy questioned the decision to forgive the two...

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The actress's mother "Flying Leaf" revealed the actions of her boyfriend Tangmo when she died suddenly

Rosé15:31:46 06/03/2022
Bird's love touched many people. Recently, Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat - former Deputy Director of the Special Agency came to the Mueang Nonthaburi Provincial Police Department. Here, he said he had received information from one of the five people present on the actor's daughter...

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The biological father of the actress "Flying Leaf": Tell the truth about Mrs. Panida, how wonderful is it?

Huỳnh Như10:37:28 06/03/2022
The truth about Mrs. Panida (the mother of the actress "Flying Leaf") shared from her deceased husband, netizens burst out... More than a week since the heartbreaking incident of actress Tangmo (actor of the movie "Flying Leaf") passed away, but the surrounding scandals and...

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