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Lim Nayoung: Beautiful female idol whose career is struggling, rumored to be dating Kim Soo Hyun

Famous stars

17:00:13 12/06/2024
Lim Nayoung is an actress and former member of the band Pristin. Nayoung's sweet and pure beauty always creates sympathy for those around her. Despite possessing talent and beautiful visuals, Nayoung has had quite a hard time in her career.

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Anh Vien "transformed" into a beauty, her visuals were top notch, she rubbed her eyes 3 times but still couldn't see it

H.ot KOLs

16:40:48 12/06/2024
Little mermaid Nguyen Thi Anh Vien is the most mentioned name on social networks in recent hours. With a completely new look, Anh Vien makes many people surprised and immersed in her extreme beauty.

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Karty Chang: Hotgirl competed in the Vietnam National Miss Universe Pageant and gave her boyfriend a car worth more than 2 billion

Famous people

16:22:53 12/06/2024
Karty Chang is a hotgirl with a pure, lovely appearance, and is a favorite model of many fashion brands. Not only that, she is also noticed for her musical talent and love story with her first love, which is extremely sweet and romantic.

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Brad Pitt was given a fatal blow by Angelina and became the most pitiful father

European and American stars

16:03:28 12/06/2024
The dispute between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has always been a h.ot topic recently. Recently there was information that the actor had an advantage in the lawsuit, but in fact he was the one who lost the most miserably in the family battle.

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ILLIT used live vocals to "crush" NewJeans, fans suddenly "turned around" and praised them.

Korean stars

15:32:11 12/06/2024
Just over 2 months since its launch, ILLIT has been caught up in a dispute between HYBE and its parent NewJeans. Not only that, the group's unstable live singing ability is a topic that is always discussed on social networking forums.

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ViruSs - Ngoc Kem confirmed their relationship, revealed their love confession, and set a wedding date

H.ot KOLs

13:28:37 12/06/2024
After a period of love that seemed like it was on the outside, ViruSs - Ngoc Kem recently confirmed their relationship. Not only that, the couple also revealed a cute moment of confession that made netizens gush.

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Angela Phuong Trinh's younger sister is suspected of making up stories, creating drama, and slandering her sister?

Vietnamese showbiz

10:39:25 12/06/2024
On social networks in recent days, Angela Phuong Trinh and her family have received a lot of attention. Recently, many people discovered details showing that the actress's younger sister was telling the truth and trying to create drama.

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Binh Phuong revealed that she and her husband planned to return home for embryo transfer to vote for the second time


09:00:57 12/06/2024
According to Miss Binh Phuong, she and her husband planned to have their second c.hild IVF in Vietnam. The late actress wanted her first daughter to have someone to play with, partly because she was old. However, before the plan was implemented, he passed away.

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Xemesis reacted strangely when Xoai Non was intimate with a male star, always saying one thing to his wife

H.ot KOLs

07:12:49 12/06/2024
Xemesis's reaction when Xoai Non acted in the MV received a lot of attention from netizens. The male streamer gave many compliments to Xoai Non's acting. He also continuously complimented his beautiful wife when appearing next to a male singer.

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Miss International 2024: Thanh Thuy meets a "tough" opponent with an extremely competitive profile

Showbiz 24h

21:33:59 11/06/2024
Miss International Peru 2024 recently awarded the prestigious crown to beauty Sofica Cajo. She is considered one of the fiercest warriors that makes other contestants wary.

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Trieu Le Dinh publicly revealed his secret lover, a male star regardless of expressing his feelings

Chinese stars

19:06:46 11/06/2024
In addition to her increasingly successful career, actress Trieu's love life is also receiving special attention. Recently, the actress attracted attention when she not only revealed her secret lover but was also confessed to by a male god.

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Thich Minh Tue's family was disturbed: Someone pretended to be a teacher, climbed into the house, slept in the garden

H.ot trend

17:12:06 11/06/2024
The fact that Mr. Thich Minh Tue returned home after many years of walking to beg made his family members extremely happy. However, some Youtubers and TikTokers have taken advantage of this to cause disorder and disturb Thich Minh Tue's family.

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