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Ly Ỷ Hong fell into disrepair, Diep Tuyen was like an aunt and the goddesses of HK in a time of decline, almost didn't recognize

Keng14:43:44 22/04/2023
The 1980s and 1990s were the golden age of the Hong Kong (China) entertainment industry, with many famous actresses popular throughout Asia. However, after many years, some goddesses have been defeated by time, no longer having a beautiful face and attractive b.ody like before...

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Duong Ninh, Luu Ngoc Thuy and the 'lost' TVB beauties make the audience regret

Yang Mi12:48:44 25/02/2022
Used to be the top names in Hong Kong, once bombed across the entertainment industry in the 80s-90s, but in the end they had their own direction, retired from acting, leaving a lot of regrets and nostalgia. audiences. Referring to TVB entertainment, the audience will immediately...

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Ly Ỷ Hong - Quach Tuong "God of the Condor Heroes" suffers from "genetic psychosis" at the age of 32

Duyên Trần14:07:55 31/08/2021
Ly Ỷ Hong is one of the famous beauties of Hong Kong in the 1990s. However, that glorious time has passed away. Now, the 51-year-old star is on the other side of her career, no one is hunting or inviting her to participate in film projects. In the very popular historical drama...

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Ly Ỷ Hong - "The most beautiful Quach Tuong on screen" left showbiz because of depression, struggling to make a living at the age of 51

Hà Hà15:45:27 16/07/2021
Ly Ỷ Hong was born in 1970, born in an unhappy family with a miserable childhood. At the age of 6, Ly Ỷ Hong came to Canada with her parents. In a foreign country, without knowing a foreign language, Ly Ỷ Hong's parents had to face great pressure in life. In their desperation...

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