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Phung Thieu Phong responded harshly, r.evealing his true personality when compared with Trieu Le Dinh?

Showbiz 24h

19:46:54 05/02/2022
The marriage of Phung Thieu Phong and Trieu Le Dinh was once considered a cult love story but also caused the most public opinion in Cbiz. The story of this couple's "fast love and quick marriage" has caused the Chinese press to spend a lot of ink and paper over the years. Up to...

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David Beckham is about to be knighted by the British royal family, Romeo tattooed 2 tattoos like his father to "get his soul"

Showbiz 24h

13:00:11 08/01/2022
Recently, good news has come to David Beckham when he is about to be knighted by the British royal family. According to some sources, Becks was on the official introduction list for the knighting ceremony taking place in June 2022. This is truly an honor for Becks, who ranks...

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Yangtze was "caught alive" to date Tieu Chien?

Showbiz 24h

08:54:02 26/12/2021
Recently, netizens caught Duong Tu coming to see the musical Nhu Mong Chi Mong with the participation of Tieu Chien. The actress wore a simple outfit and covered her face with a hat. Besides, her office also sent flowers to congratulate Tieu Chien's performance on success...

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